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Casea Collins-Wright // Godiva is a Honolulu-based DJ and creative producer. In addition to following her lifelong passion for music, she works on developing creative community projects from the ground up. 

She is the Co-Founder of CoXist Studio - a vacant warehouse converted into an emerging artist exhibition venue, event space, and community center in the heart of urban Kaka'ako.

Casea served as the Managing Director of Hawaii Fashion Exchange, an online business accelerator and directory for Hawaii-based fashion industry professionals, and volunteered for the POW! WOW! Hawaii: School of Music, a program that brings world-class musicians and producers together to teach passionate youth the gifts of music.

Casea is currently the Director of Experience at The Surfjack HotelShe leads the hotels work in creative direction, community engagement, event design, content production, and social media. 



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A descendent of Lady Godiva herself, DJ Godiva hosted THE WINE DOWN, a popular music showcase that ran for two years at KTUH Honolulu, Hawaii's college radio station. The show transmitted sounds of everything from electronic and psychedelic to old school soul and ska.

As a DJ, she curates the vibe by blending fresh new music from around the world with old school tracks we know & love. Known for her poolside sets and elevating yoga and movement classes through music; she plays an eclectic, sensual, and always distinctive variety of music that spans styles and genres. In short: music to feel good to. 



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Away from the smog in cities, our hearts are drawn west, where the only dust is earth, and the only barrier is the sky. Head west for the silence that roars from a wild heart.
— Lily Moon River
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